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Teach Your Clients About "Curb Appeal"


    A home with great "curb appeal" has a major advantage over others when it comes to marketing it. Everyone seems to acknowledge that that is a fact. But, are you taking the time with each prospective listing client to make sure they understand the importance and that they understand what needs to be done to their property to optimize its "curb appeal."

    A little bit of work on the parts of a home visible from the street can pay big dividends in how long it takes the home to sell and how much it sells for, according to an experienced Florida Realtor.

    When a potential buyer pulls up in front of a home, his or her first impression is crucial to the probability of making a sale. Sometimes buyers won't even look at a home with droopy shutters, sagging gutters, peeling paint or weeds or overgrown shrubs in the front yard. Worse, according to Cheryl Stimac, an expert Tampa Florida real estate expert, "if they do see these things, if they do enter the home, they may be thinking "fixer-upper" that they can buy a a bargain price."

    If a home looks from the outside, at it's first appearance, to be neat and well-cared-for, that initial good impression will carry over as the buyer steps inside. It is not necessary to hire a professional landscaper, but take the time yourself as a professional Realtor to do a "walk-around" the exterior of the home with your prospective listing client and as one successful real estate agent says, "Make suggestions. It will not only improve the likelihood of a sale if you get the listing. It will also impress the client with your knowledge of what's important to achieve a home selling success.  They will appreciate that in you."

    A competent Florida real estate agent will help you make the right as you prepare to market your Sarasota Florida home.

    You know you really ought to be doing these things and every day becoming better and better at it. So, here's a simple question to ask yourself, "Do I want to be as successful as possible as a Realtor or am I willing to "just get by." If it's former, get started today and don't stop.

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