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Getting From the Sale to Closing


  Many beginner real estate agents suspect that their job is done when they've gotten a signed sales contract in hand and passed to their broker. Well, that's only the start of a much bigger effort that is required to get from a "signed contract" to a "completed closing." That's when you get the check for your services.

  Closings don't just happen says Connie Belmont, a < a href="" target="_new">Sarasota golf course homes specialist. "They occur because at least one Realtor or broker involved in the transaction makes a sincere and concerted effort to assure that all the steps between the contract signing and the closing are completed in a manner satisfactory to all the parties to the deal including the buyer, the seller, the mortgage provider, the closing agent, and various inspectors and others involved."

  Even little things are important like giving your buyers a list of all the utility companies that service their new home. They'll need to arrange for services to begin on the day of closing. Just this simple added service can make a big difference in the likelihood that this client will refer another one to you according to another expert on Sarasota golf course homes.

  Many contracts never make it to closing simply because the agents didn't stay on top of the process. They filed the sales contract with their broker and "waited for closing day." It happens more often than you might think.

  If you fail to do all the steps, and do them in a calm and professional manner, the bottom line is that there may be no closing, no commission check, and, for sure, no referral from that client to his or her friends and neighbors who want to step up to first home or a bigger home. In other words, "what you lost wasn't just this sale," says an experienced Sarasota luxury homes professional, "you've lost future income, as well."

  If you plan on making real estate sales your career, demonstrate to those you serve today that you are a true professional in your chosen field who will take the time to (yes!) "dot all the I's and cross all the T's" between a sales contract and a successful closing.

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