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Did You Miss The "AquaPalooza" Festival

Posted August 16, 2016

Aqua Palooza It was AquaPalooza time off Longboat Key, a grand sandbar party that took place this weekend on August 13th at Potter's Cove in the waters off Longboat Key.

  The event, which its sponsor, Marine Max of Sarasota, called "The Largest Party on Water" actually took place off Jewfish Key, a small private island off Longboat Key. AquaPalooza events are held in many cities around the country but this was the first time it's been held in the Sarasota Florida area. “It’s a customer appreciation that Sea Ray, a major supplier of recreational boats, started a few years ago,” says Jason LeFevre, general manager of Marine Max of Sarasota. LeFevre added, "Sea Ray owners are typically both young and not so young families that have a good time tubing or gathering their boats together. It’s not a big booze - go fast boating thing. It's more just a time and place to congregate and have fun."

  The event came to be just a week after the town of Longboat Key received an official opinion from Florida Attorney General's office that its attempts to limit noise on the water went beyond its local jurisdiction. Longboat Police were out in force making sure people adhered to the laws the local police are authorized to enforce. "looking forward to the event, Deputy Chief Frank Rubino said, "We're not looking to harass anybody. We just want to make sure there's no fights, no alcohol-related incidents and everybody just has a good time."

  While some objected to the noise that was sure to accompany the event, others felt that the water belongs to everyone and the noise was just coming from people out having a good time.

  Only time will tell whether this first AquaPalooza evolves to become a regular event where, like so many other events in the Sarasota area, many people come, have a good time, and go home happy to live in an area that "just knows how to have day of good, clean fun."

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