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How Important is "Curb Appeal"

curb appeal means a quicker home sale

  Good curb appeal is a major plus when it comes to marketing your home. A little bit of work on the front of your home can pay big dividends.

  When a potential buyer pulls up in front of your home, their first impression is absolutely crucial. Sometimes buyers won't even look at a home with droopy shutters, sagging gutters, peeling paint or a bumper crop of weeds or overgrown shrubs in the front yard. Worse, according to Cheryl Stimac, an expert Tampa Florida realtor, "if they do see these sorts of things, they might come in expecting a "fixer-upper" that they can buy a a bargain price."

  If a home looks from the outside first appearance to be neat and well cared for, that initial good impression will carry over as the buyer steps inside. It is not necessary to hire a professional landscaper, but do listen to your real estate agent's suggestions when you are considering listing your home for sale. Keep your lawn mowed, and take care of any exterior maintenance needs that your Realtor points out. Strong curb appeal will help your home sell more quickly and for the highest possible price.

  A competent Sarasota Florida real estate expert like Connie belmont will help you make the right as you prepare to market your Sarasota Florida home.

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